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Photoshop shows the way

photo (307)

Completed painting

I’m learning Photoshop skills, very slowly! I had a wonderful book for a Christmas gift from my brother and this resulted in a lightbulb moment…..
I had got ‘stuck’ with a painting – I knew it wasn’t right, but what I didn’t know is where to take it next and how to complete it.. I knew that the background was wrong, that the lighting seemed uneven… all in all I just was not happy




My start point was  a background that had already been repainted four times.. I exmerimented with the image in pgotoshop and found the right colour… then it was simply just a job of painting in the right colour and adjustingv the lighting….. Finally completed!


My second experiment I took my original reference photograph and worked it in Photoshop with a number of other layers. I created the image exactly how I wanted to paint it, then ran to the studio to get cracking… As I worked, the painting and my ideas evolved as I changed the shadows and added silver leaf….

The below images show this process….

Arabian stallion, Southern France, 2012

Arabian stallion, Southern France, 2012


Photoshop image

Photoshop image


on route....

on route….


Completed painting, 18 x 24"'Full Moon'

Completed painting, 18 x 24″
‘Full Moon’



Now I can almost use Photoshop, I’m not intending to bypass my sketchbook every time, it was just that the computer manipulation gave me the chance to be brave at the click of a button!

Thanks for joining me!

Jane x

The horse as the artist’s muse…..

January 2013

January 2013

I’ve been delighted to be invited to deliver a talk on the horse in art, or more specifically, the horse as the artist’s muse…..


It’s a fact that I’m happily obsessed with painting horses, my intention is to examine how and why this magnificent animal has featured heavily throughout art of the different ages:

from cave paintings,

The age of Chivalry (knights in armour),

The Renaissance (classically trained and complementing their humans),

The Baroque period (the power of the horse = the power of the rider, full of drama)

The Age Of Enlightenment (the entire focus was the horse – George Stubbs)

The Romantic period (the horse as a wild and untamed spirit)

Move towards modernisation (horses move into leisure bracket – advent of photography)

The horse and modern art (artists own personal interpretations)


The journey that these equines have taken throughout the history of art is inspiring in it’s very self!

I’m due to speak at The Cooper Gallery in January on Saturday the 26th… please see the below link for further information and contacts for ticket sales….



I will keep you up to date on my progress towards doing this immense subject justice!




Thank you for joining me, and a Happy and creative New Year to all!

Jane x