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Exhibitions and events

Association of Animal Artists

My four submissions for this exhibition are pictured below… It’s a new venture for me as I have only become a member of this organisation this year, but already I have spotted a number of ‘names’ in the membership list that I have met, know of, have heard of (and am in awe of!)

Lazenby, Full Moon

Lazenby, Maine Man

Lazenby, Surveillance

Rammed In for Comtec

Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster



The creation of ‘Mr Ram’

A number of people have admired my new painting, ‘Rammed In’ and have asked about the techniques I’ve used in painting him… now rather than subject you to a lengthy conversation, I’m putting together a number of progress shots here with a brief description of the action so that you can see how the end image slowly builds up both in layers of colour and detail…. I hope you enjoy the process as much as I did…..

Materials – Atelier interactive acrylic paints, canvas panel, assortment of standard brushes, copious café noir coffee…..

Starting point

Starting point

The main parts of the image are drawn in using a standard pencil – this is to freehand position the main proportions… no details are referenced at this point as they will be drawn directly with the brush at a later stage. The reference photo (courtesy of Jessica Crighton) is blown up to A4 to enable the details to be seen clearly.

stage 1

stage 1

Using Red Black, Naples Yellow Light, Titanium White and some Burnt Umber, I complete the blocking in process of the main elements.

blocking in continued...

blocking in continued…

blocking in continued...

blocking in continued…

blocking in almost done....

blocking in almost done….

being daft

being daft

At this point I realised that I could pose as a Viking Maiden with my newly painted horns….. The moment quickly went after another coffee, and painting resumed!

Underpainting complete

Underpainting complete

I’m now ready to start adding the more precise colour changes and begin layering up the detail. The purple on the sheep’s forehead is a simple scrubbed in base for the details to lightly go on top… The speed of the blocking process has quickly produced a semblance of the final image… the progress now slows down to a crawl as the detail starts to go on…..

fore head detail

fore head detail

more detail

more detail

adding detail to nose area

adding detail to nose area

about there

about there

I’ve touched in the bright highlights on the horns, added more blue to the shine, added fine hairs to the nose, eyelashes, ears etc…. This is the point that I need to sit and look more that I paint….

He’s now framed and headed off to Cheshire for The Association Of Animal Artist’s Annual exhibition at The Castle Park Arts Centre in Frodsham….. Hope he doesn’t headbutt anybody while he’s there!

Thanks for joining me..

Jane xx


Off to market (exhibition ready!)

Off to market (exhibition ready!)




texture-logo horse

New work = more colour

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front… I’ve been beavering away in the studio and have created 16 new paintings to date.
I’m sending four off next week to The Association Of Animal Artists exhibition in Cheshire (5th April – 13th May), then will be heading a few other new works to Obsidian Art Gallery’s exhibition, The Horse In Art in July, The Great Sheffield Art Show also in July and Holmfirth Art Exhibition, again in July…
There is such a cluster of exhibitions that all overlap in timescale, I’ve been really pushing myself to have enough new pieces to spread them far and wide!

The paintings headed for the AAA in Cheshire are exploring colour and light effects- I’ve strayed a little off my usual horsey track and broadened my subject matter. I’m delighted to report that all 4 submitted images have trotted through the selection process….

Lazenby Rammed In

 Full Moon

 Maine Man


I seem to be ‘on a roll’ in the studio, my technique is becoming stronger and I’m braver and more adventurous with my colours, the Atelier Interactive paint is really working in partnership with me at the moment, allowing softer shading and glazing…
This increase in confidence has allowed me to create what I feel is one of my best pieces of work – Midsummer Night’s Dream…. a piece which I still smile at with delight when I enter the studio every morning – I’m so proud of it! I was given permission to paint the most beautiful photograph by talented artist and photographer Lesley Thiel, and to be honest, with such breathtaking subject matter, the pressure was on to ‘do him justice’, so here is my most recent work, a portrait of the mouthwateringly beautiful Indomito……

A Midsummer Nights Dream - Indomito

Thanks for popping in to see what I’m up to!
Jane xx

Please respect the artists copyright on ALL images displayed, no unauthorised usage whatsoever without prior permission. Quality art cards will shortly be available for ‘Rammed In’ and ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Please email me for details if you are interested.

texture-logo horse

The horse as the artist’s muse…..

January 2013

January 2013

I’ve been delighted to be invited to deliver a talk on the horse in art, or more specifically, the horse as the artist’s muse…..


It’s a fact that I’m happily obsessed with painting horses, my intention is to examine how and why this magnificent animal has featured heavily throughout art of the different ages:

from cave paintings,

The age of Chivalry (knights in armour),

The Renaissance (classically trained and complementing their humans),

The Baroque period (the power of the horse = the power of the rider, full of drama)

The Age Of Enlightenment (the entire focus was the horse – George Stubbs)

The Romantic period (the horse as a wild and untamed spirit)

Move towards modernisation (horses move into leisure bracket – advent of photography)

The horse and modern art (artists own personal interpretations)


The journey that these equines have taken throughout the history of art is inspiring in it’s very self!

I’m due to speak at The Cooper Gallery in January on Saturday the 26th… please see the below link for further information and contacts for ticket sales….



I will keep you up to date on my progress towards doing this immense subject justice!




Thank you for joining me, and a Happy and creative New Year to all!

Jane x


A night at the circus

I came across an advert for the production ‘Adenaline’ by Equicirque, the line up of artistes was impressive, only one, Lorenzo, I had seen before… The others all looked very spectacular! and what was more, they all performed with horses! Total heaven!

After the disappointment of failing to get my French paintings selected for a big exhibition in London, I felt I needed a treat and also the chance to gather some new reference material for the easel…..

I managed to get a ticket in the first few rows, and armed with my trusty Canon camera with a big zoom lense, I flashed away! The very next day I was straight to the easel creating new work….  The big bold colours and stark contrasts really gave me something to get my teeth into!


Playing with fire

A Relaxed Performance

Two paintings done so far, these are both quite small- 10 x 12″ and 10 x 16″, so now I  feel I’m on a roll, the colours are zinging and the paintbrush is working furiously…. lets go large, upscale and see what happens!

I’ll keep you all updated!

Thanks for looking in on me again, Jane x

No unauthorised downloading or use of my images please….. The above two paintings are available for sale, please enquire for further details……

Open Studio part of Open Up Sheffield 2012

I’ve just completed day 2 of my 5 days of opening my painting studio up to members of the public…. This year I am the only studio based in Barnsley, all of the other 62 studios participating are in the Sheffield area. Check out the catalogue online for a colour image of each artists work, there are 150 artists! Just click on the web link below:


It is now my 4th year of this event, my visitors have been trickling in to my secluded countryside base, quality not quantity I say! I can happily report that 3 originals have now found new homes. I have over 60 paintings on display and have converted my studio and dining room into gallery spaces complete with white voile drapes and matching labels (really pushing the boat out here!)

Over the course of the last few days I have completed some  new works shown below…

Watching. 12 x 16" coloured pencil

Watching. 12 x 16″ coloured pencil. For Sale

Whizzy Woo and Ferg, 10 x 12" acrylic

Whizzy Woo and Ferg, 10 x 12″ acrylic. NFS

It has been lovely to open my private space to visitors and to talk about the inspiration and techniques I use, my last year’s artistic journey and also my plans for the future.

I’m a stones throw from The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and welcome you to pop into my secluded countryside base and have a cuppa and scone….. it would be great to meet you!

Future Exhibititions March – July 2012

ONE exhibition, Imperial buildings, Rotherham Open Art Renaissance (ROAR)

I was delighted last month to have a new painting ‘Duty Of Care’ juried into an exhibition    in Rotherham, South Yorkshire… I trotted along to the private view to find a lovely courtyard with some great quirky arty-crafty shops and a cluster of likeminded artists busy networking away…. This exhibition continues until the 8th of April 2012.

Currently Crafted, The Orangery, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The next planned exhibition for my work is with Pennine Artists (www.pennineartists.co.uk), 31st March till 1st April 2012.

This is at a delightful venue, The Orangery, in Wakefield, and features a number of artists from the group Pennine Artists.

These are the links to the gallery publicity… would be lovely to see you there!



South Yorkshire Open Art 2012, The Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I am again enerting 3 new paintings into the submission process, fingers crossed! The exhibition runs from saturday 31st March till the 25th of May. My new work is very different to my equestrian themed work, so it will be interesting to see how they are received…..

Creative Connections, The Cooper Art Gallery.

This exhibition is now coming to a close. I was pleased to sell a piece, and also that a number of my fellow Pennine Artists we also successful in selling work… Its a lovely feeling to know that someone likes your art enough to purchase a piece to hang in their homes….

I am preparing some new work for The Great Sheffield Art Show  (GSAS) in July, some horse based and I have the ideas forming to base some new work on some photographs of Highland Cattle! Watch this space as I shall be documenting their progress!

Thanks for tuning in and looking forward to blogging progress and events shortly! Ciao x

Exhibition at Sally Mitchell Sporting Art Gallery, Tuxford, Nottingham

Exhibition Invitation

I’ve not exhibited with The Society Of Equestrian Artists in a while, I’m an Associate member of this fabulous collection of equestrian specialists…… Many of their events are held in London at the Mall Gallery, and I have found it too far to drag my little one to submit, drop off and re-collect, so have sadly had to miss their summer exhibition out of my schedule.
I was delighted to find that this year that a Northern exhibition was to be held in Nottingham at the prestigious Sally Mitchell Gallery in Tuxford.
The submission of paintings was held last weekend, and I’m delighted to report I had 3 of my 4 paintings put forward, selected!! One of my favourites ( to give him his pet name ‘Mr Sexy Neck’  ) was selected alongside two of my ‘100 day challenge’ paintings…..
To say I’m very happy is an understatement… I hope to give you some good news on the sales front! Fingers crossed!!

The Backscratchers…..

After a brief break (at pony club camp with Junior Artist ) I decided it was time to get back to painting! While ‘at camp’ I took a few photographs of a couple of horses, obviously stablemates, indulging in a spot of mutual grooming… the light was just right and I knew immediately, that this was going to be the next thing on my easel….

Due to the speed ethic of my 100 days challenge, I waded in with a big brush. My immediate thoughts were that this painting would be all about colour and I would keep the shapes bold, allowing the darker horse to become almost abstract with minimum detail.

Again I have taken a number of progress shots… My working time was under 4 hours for this piece, and at 16 x 20″ I have opened up the scale from my 100 pieces and decided to have a little fun!

stage 1


stage 2


stage 3



This painting is now off to the framer, the lovely guys at Impact Framing, and is then destined for an exhibition in Nottingham, if I can get it through the selection panel… fingers crossed!
If it is still with me in October, I shall be putting it on public sale, so if you are keen, please let me know if you are interested and I will contact you if it is available….

Holmfirth Art Week

You can find me demonstrating as ‘an invited artist’ this week at Holmfirth Art Week at the Civic Hall in Holmfirth. I shall be working on my Day 67 painting….. image as yet undecided. I’m starting at 6 and working through till 9pm, and hope to have completed the piece in that timescale.

I’m taking with me 30-40 of my 100 challenge paintings, so they are affordable originals with plenty of choice!

Anticipation…..sold today

Holmfirth has been kind to me this year….not only did I manage to get through the melee known as ‘balloted acceptance of entries’, I found out this afternoon that I have in fact sold my hound painting ‘Anticipation’ of my local Rockwood pack…… I’m hoping my other piece, Mr Sexy Neck ( or ‘The Champion’ to give him his catalogue title) may go to a new home by the end of the week.

Mr Sexy Neck

I’m looking forward to a good old browse around the exhibition on thursday, I always find it so inspiring to look at other artist’s works – we are all so different! I will no doubt find somebody elses work to covert and admire, and I just love that feeling when you stand infront of a piece of art that ‘speaks’ to you and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck…..

Holmfirth Art Week runs until saturday and there are lots of venues taking part in the ‘Fringe’ events in the local area around the village. Its well worth a visit! check out  www.holmfirthartweek.org.uk  for further information….

About the Art Week:

The Exhibition in the Civic Hall is one of the biggest open exhibitions in the country featuring work by over 400 professional & amateur artists. As artWEEK is a fundraising event all work submitted must be for sale. A commission of 20% is charged on sales in the Exhibition, Market & Fringe – all proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

To view all artWEEK facts and figures click here.

Come along to the 2011 artWEEK Exhibition:

  • Sunday 3rd July | 10.00 – 17.00
  • Mon 4th – Fri 8th July | 10.00 – 21.00
  • Sat 9th July | 10.00 – 17.00

Holmfirth Civic Hall
Huddersfield Road

Civic Hall phone no: 01484  22 24 52 (call during artWEEK only)
artWEEK enquiries:  01484 68 94 64 (all year)

Art Week Fringe Events….

Each year, artWEEK is supported by several Fringe events as well as the main Exhibition. It is these additional venues which make artWEEK such a large and successful event and we are privileged to have so many people supporting it year on year.

A free artWEEK flyer, listing the Fringe artists & venues, is available each year at Fringe venues, libraries, tourist information centres and at the Exhibition in the Civic Hall.

Fringe venues are a mixture of art galleries, sports clubs, workshops, warehouses, churches, libraries and cafés. It is fantastic to have so many people and so many venues involved, and the number of Fringe venues increases every year.