A blog from the painting studio of E J Lazenby BA(hons), QTFE(2), ASEA

DAY 29 30/30 days

30 Paintings in 30 days


DAY 29

Dancing Light

Dancing Light

29th August 2013

12 x 16″ on canvas panel

AVAILABLE – £100 plus P&P

Artist E J Lazenby

This is my final piece (painting #15) for Roxanne and my 30 day challenge. I have spent the last few days filming a video demonstration course ‘Painting Animals’ in Liverpool for the artist educational firm, Arttutor.com. It made sense to create a painting for them that also fitted into my challenge of grey and bay horses, I chose this image to paint because of the luscious colour in the shadows – I adore painting the light, I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for painting subjects that inspire me! I quickly found how much these daily paintings have helped my working process; from making instant decisions, hitting the colour mixes right first time, tighter form and more accuracy and biggest improvement of all was the relaxed confidence that I was able to work with to the camera…. A painting challenge can be gimmicky, lightweight or just a silly marketing ploy to some, but this challenge has really created a notable difference in my working style and methods….

Roxanne, when are we doing another challenge? Can it be 50 Friesian horses = 50 steps nearer to heaven? giggle….

This piece which is one of the largest in my 30 day challenge, will be available online to help show techniques and process to amateur artists within the next month – I really enjoy my teaching activities, as painting alone in your studio is a very solitary existence…..

Thank you all for your support and purchases during this painting challenge, which completes tomorrow with day 30 from Roxanne.

Purchases available through Paypal or by personal cheque.

Deposit secures. Installment plan available.
If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact me either by text or email.
Text:  07974 404765     email:  arrkidd@yahoo.co.uk
Paintings are sold on a first come, first served basis
Low resolution images are used for each painting day, this is to help to prevent unauthorised usage and downloading,  hence the colours may vary slightly from that of the original.
 A higher resolution image is available to view if you may be interested in purchase.
 Please contact me for further details.
Thank you for following my progress on this creative journey,
all comments and support gratefully received……..

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