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DAY 24 30/30 days

Medieval Beauty


DAY 24



24th August 2013
‘Repose’ – by Roxanne Gooderham

30.5cm x 25cm, 12″ x 10″
Oil on canvas board

AVAILABLE – £85 + p&p

Email: roxygooderham@hotmail.com

Today has been a ‘finishing off a painting day’ for me. I’ve had this painting sitting in my studio for months and was in the very early stages of progress. I thought it was about time I got around to completing it so I have used the painting challenge to help push me forward with it.

This gorgeous Spanish stallion is owned by a Facebook friend of mine and they kindly gave me permission to use their photo. The peacefulness of the horse attracted me to the image straight away. It has that medieval feel to it which I am always drawn to. I could have gone into detail and defined each and every wave of the mane but I didn’t want it to look exactly like the photo so I changed it and blended the yellows and the blues together creating more of a blurred effect, which I feel gives more of an ethereal quality to it.

Low resolution images are used for each painting day, this is to help to prevent unauthorised usage and downloading,  hence the colours may vary slightly from that of the original.
 A higher resolution image is available to view if you may be interested in purchase.
 Please contact Roxanne on the above email for further details.
Thank you for following our progress on this creative journey,
all comments and support gratefully received……..

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