A blog from the painting studio of E J Lazenby BA(hons), QTFE(2), ASEA

DAY 23 30/30 days

30 Paintings in 30 days


DAY 23

Rally the Troops

Rally the Troops

23rd August 2013

9 x 12″ approx

Coloured pencil on grey Canson paper

£70 plus P&P

Artist E J Lazenby

After 7 hours filming in Liverpool and a 6 hour round trip by rail, I’ve steadily created this study of the re-enactment group ‘Slipped Knott’…. I took a number of reference photographs last month at Wentworth Castle Gardens, and I’ve been harbouring the intention to paint some when time permitted……

Today has been confined to drawing media due to the confinement of the train journeys, but as I have been quietly absorbed entertaining my fellow passengers, the hours have flown by and this pencil study shall emerge shortly as a full colour painting – I’ve taken out more soldiers, changed the colour of the horse, restructured the background and generally given it a good shake up from the image in the reference photo….

 Purchases available through Paypal or by personal cheque.

Deposit secures. Installment plan available.
If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact me either by text or email.
Text:  07974 404765     email:  arrkidd@yahoo.co.uk
Paintings are sold on a first come, first served basis
Low resolution images are used for each painting day, this is to help to prevent unauthorised usage and downloading,  hence the colours may vary slightly from that of the original.
 A higher resolution image is available to view if you may be interested in purchase.
 Please contact me for further details.
Thank you for following my progress on this creative journey,
all comments and support gratefully received……..

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