A blog from the painting studio of E J Lazenby BA(hons), QTFE(2), ASEA

DAY 21 30/30 days

30 Paintings in 30 days


DAY 21

Start point

Start point

1 Hour

1 Hour

2 Hours

2 Hours

Completed piece

Completed piece

21st August 2013

 12 x 16″ approx

acrylic on canvas panel


Artist E J Lazenby

Reference photo of PM Backfire, owned by Diamond Mine Arabians, photo by Ashley N Brouwer

Tonight has been ‘Art Club Demonstration’ night, and I popped along to Dinnington Art Club near Rotherham, South Yorks, for a quick spot of horse in acrylics…

My last demonstration at this club I completed a detailed portrait of a wee Pekingese dog owned by one of the audience. Tonight I had been asked to paint a horse in acrylics, and I knew the one I wanted to work on!

I’d come across a photo quite recently of a lovely grey Arabian stallion, all arched neck and flying mane – he would make an eye catching painting and also a chance to draw the basics with a few sweeping lines, to increase the colour in shadow and to use a loose technique with little detail – 2 hours goes very fast when you are sat at an easel with an audience asking questions!

This Art Group has a very professional set up – camera trained on my painting and projected onto a cinema wall! So I was viewing my own work at about 8 foot tall!

Upon completing the painting and returning home, I wondered if I should refine some areas of the painting, but upon reflection, I decided that I would only fiddle and may spoil some of that energy and flow within the painting…..

 Purchases available through Paypal or by personal cheque.

Deposit secures. Installment plan available.
If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact me either by text or email.
Text:  07974 404765     email:  arrkidd@yahoo.co.uk
Paintings are sold on a first come, first served basis
Low resolution images are used for each painting day, this is to help to prevent unauthorised usage and downloading,  hence the colours may vary slightly from that of the original.
 A higher resolution image is available to view if you may be interested in purchase.
 Please contact me for further details.
Thank you for following my progress on this creative journey,
all comments and support gratefully received……..

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