A blog from the painting studio of E J Lazenby BA(hons), QTFE(2), ASEA

DAY 19 30/30 days

30 Paintings in 30 days


DAY 19



19th August 2013

9.5 x 9.5″ – 24 x 24cm approx

oils on canvas panel


Artist E J Lazenby

This oil on canvas panel is painted from life, it shows our little mare, Clivocast Shelby, who is sadly leaving us this week and going back to her owner as we have lost our grazing. I’m sad to see her go, so this painting I did for her… She is such a bright eyed little poser and will stand at the gate for hours in the hope of a treat!

It was a simple job to take the easel and paints up to the field and work loosely keeping the colour palette cool blues and greys… I brought the painting home after 2 hours as the flies started to stick to the paint (now tweezered off) and added a few more darks and details from memory….

The reason of painting from life today is an interesting one………. My blog received a comment a couple of days ago that got me thinking…. Do I copy photos, do I change the photos enough (backgrounds, colours, combine 3 or 4 together…?) Am I guilty of being only a copyist? Why do I work in a Traditional and figurative way? ( I did do a series of more abstract works as a student and then later in my 20’s), Is my work too safe and boring???

The comment is as follows…..   ” Great work, I really feel that you should expand your horizons beyond copying. I see so many wonderfully skilled artists such as yourself, whose creativity is limited by the habit of copying and commissions. Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

To an artist that has done a 4 year degree and then 20 years self employed as a professional painter, what ‘new’ things are left???

(I’ve done abstract, expressionist, gestural, automatic, impressionistic, colourist, mediums of pencil, charcoal, ink, pen, acrylic, watercolour, oils, coloured pencil, 2d paintings and 3d sculpture, mono / etching / collographs….)

I suppose there is conceptual art (which I hate and find most of it pretentious rubbish)

There’s performance art (errrr, no thanks, coming from Barnsley I see ‘performance’ art on every street corner on a Saturday night)

So what’s left?


I don’t have the need to be new or innovative, I’m just me……

So here I am, doing what I love doing, in a style which I have found over 25 years of painting suits me perfectly, working from life, memory AND photograph….. Mainly painting horses, but happy painting nudes, dogs, cats, wildlife, landscapes, portraits….

I like things to look in proportion and have correct form – elongated and deformed horses don’t float my boat under the name of ‘stylised’ or ‘modern’… to me they are just badly painted…Rant over!

These remarks are not aimed at anybody, but I feel a little more justified doing what I do and being happy within my own rules…..

 Purchases available through Paypal or by personal cheque.

Deposit secures. Installment plan available.
If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact me either by text or email.
Text:  07974 404765     email:  arrkidd@yahoo.co.uk
Paintings are sold on a first come, first served basis
Low resolution images are used for each painting day, this is to help to prevent unauthorised usage and downloading,  hence the colours may vary slightly from that of the original.
 A higher resolution image is available to view if you may be interested in purchase.
 Please contact me for further details.
Thank you for following my progress on this creative journey,
all comments and support gratefully received……..

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