A blog from the painting studio of E J Lazenby BA(hons), QTFE(2), ASEA

A night at the circus

I came across an advert for the production ‘Adenaline’ by Equicirque, the line up of artistes was impressive, only one, Lorenzo, I had seen before… The others all looked very spectacular! and what was more, they all performed with horses! Total heaven!

After the disappointment of failing to get my French paintings selected for a big exhibition in London, I felt I needed a treat and also the chance to gather some new reference material for the easel…..

I managed to get a ticket in the first few rows, and armed with my trusty Canon camera with a big zoom lense, I flashed away! The very next day I was straight to the easel creating new work….  The big bold colours and stark contrasts really gave me something to get my teeth into!


Playing with fire

A Relaxed Performance

Two paintings done so far, these are both quite small- 10 x 12″ and 10 x 16″, so now I  feel I’m on a roll, the colours are zinging and the paintbrush is working furiously…. lets go large, upscale and see what happens!

I’ll keep you all updated!

Thanks for looking in on me again, Jane x

No unauthorised downloading or use of my images please….. The above two paintings are available for sale, please enquire for further details……


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